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I don't judge, I don't tell you what should make you happy,
I seek to understand your pain so we may impact it positively

Sandy Newton LC, LLC

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Helping You Learn to Help Yourself

I am Sandy Newton, a trauma coach. I help people who are conflicted, and my specialization lies in:

  • Hoarding
  • Couples coaching
  • Financial Mindset
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • And any other trauma

Client-centric Approach

I do one-on-one private sessions with clients. I am LGBTQ-friendly. My purpose is to help clients help themselves by finding the answers from within them. I feel that individuals are the experts themselves and know themselves better than anyone. I also work with my clients to build optimism and success. I coach clients in North Carolina, Virginia, and across the United States.

Sandy Newton LC, LLC

Find Your Answers

I believe that the answers you’re looking for are in you. So I help you explore yourself to find your answers. I never tell you what’ll make you happy. Instead, I help you better understand your pain so we may impact it positively.

Life Coaching Trauma Coaching

Improving the quality of life for those struggling to navigate through life, finding answers to difficult decisions, taking control of the emotional ups and downs associated with various forms of anxiety. Helping those find their true purpose in life.

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You are the expert on yourself; you know yourself better than anyone. I'm here to guide and help you on your journey to discover your inner peace and happiness.

Sandy Newton LC, LLC